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Hey, thank you for considering my application!

I'm Philip, a starting Indie Game Dev based in Vancouver, Canada. Coming from a background of Film and Video post production, I've started to pursue making games in Unity and released my first game, CHESTNUT GROVE in August 2020. You can read more about its development on its post-mortem on Gamasutra. 

I'm currently working on GRIDHACK, a game that turns the traditional Picross puzzle into an exciting battler as you try to hack a rogue AI.

I have two core interests that I love to explore in games and game development:

- How to use the virtual gameworld (this doesn't have to be a realistic environment, can be stylized or abstract) and how it is used to create a mood, evoke emotion, and tell a story.

- How to convey a new perspective (fictional, cultural, historical) in terms of gameplay. Though I don't mind them, I'm a bit bored by old/conventional core game mechanics like shooting or sword-swinging. I try to not have them as the core mechanic in my games. I rather explore how to use mechanics themselves to tell and or contextualize what the game is trying to convey.

Projects & Prototypes

Here are my game projects so far. If they are still in development, they might link to a Tweet or Video instead.
You can also find some protoypes with my thought process behind them (Itch.io password is "philip").












Skills & Software

  • Creative in multiple disciplines

  • Comfortable in Unity and C# for game development

  • Codecks.io, Whimsical, Trello

  • Github in Unity Context, GitLFS

  • Plastic SCM

  • Curious, empathetic, self-starter, team player, learner and teacher.

  • Driver's License

  • Fluent in English and German.


Previous Work Experience

VFX Assistant Editor at DNEG Vancouver

Nov 2019 -
May 2020

  • Preparing dailies for reviews and driving the review playback machines during dailies.

  • Checking client-supplied cut updates, tracking and documenting changes and communicating them to affected departments.

  • Preparing and cutting show reels and before/afters for marketing.

VFX Editor at MPC Film Vancouver

Nov 2018 -
Nov 2019

  • Creating and updating cuts of sequences for the pipeline, plate ingestion and internal reviewing.

  • Updating client-supplied cut changes, tracking and documenting changes and communicating them to affected departments.

  • Ingesting and organizing reference material

  • Technical support for calls, dailies and other reviews

VFX Production Assistant at MPC Film Vancouver

Jan 2018 -
Nov 2018

  • Communicated with production, clients and assisted in daily client sends and file exchanges.

  • Scheduling and preparing calls and dailies sessions

  • Tracking and processing information to have it ready for producers and supervisors

Refugee Social Worker at Volkshilfe (NGO, Austria)

2016 - 2017

  • Daily contact with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and several other countries

  • Supporting clients with the asylum seeking process and organizational tasks, assisting with everyday life issues, appointments, and integrative measures

  • Updating daily documentation and provided a point of contact to the community, schools, and government

Video Editor for Jim Shockey's Uncharted

2013 - 2014

  • Footage sorting, creating assembly cuts before final cuts for the first Season of this Outdoor Channel TV program

  • Designing title cards and associated motion graphics

  • Designing lower thirds and Sponsor title cards


I'd love to hear from you


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