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Immersive Sim in Godot Engine : COGITO Project Template

COGITO is a first Person Immersive Sim Template Project for Godot Engine 4. In comparison to other first person assets out there, which focus mostly on shooter mechanics, COGITO focuses more on providing a framework for creating interactable objects and items.

When I started learning Godot, I've explored a lot of the starter kits and project templates out there. But there was one specific framework that I was missing: A general template for creating interactive objects and environments. As I learned more on how Godot works, I started cobbling together some systems on my own, and soon after COGITO was born.

After getting a decent amount of flexible features working, I've decided to make this template public and free for everyone to use as they wish.

Thankfully quite a few people have started to contribute with bug reports and bug fixes.

You can find COGITO to use for yourself here:


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