What you need to know about the end of Phazor’s Files

With the end of April - Phazor’s Files will end as a website and blog and there will be no new posts on social media channels. This doesn’t end my blogging and video-making activity though.

Going forward all my gaming related articles will be posted on my personal website, philipdrobar.com. You can find them and all previous articles under BLOG.

Where are future articles going to be?

You will find all previous as well as new articles on my personal website under www.philipdrobar.com/blog

How will I hear of new articles?

You can follow my personal Instagram or Twitter account, where I will post when I publish a new article. If you are friends with me on Facebook, I will also post there.

Why the change?

I liked having my gaming blog and my professional personal website separate for a while, but recently it’s been cumbersome to update and I found myself neglecting either part more than I would’ve liked. With the decision of integrating my gaming blog into my personal website, updates across platforms will be much easier for me, enabling me to focus more on content. The decision to merge this was not an easy one, but I feel helping the overall quality and quantity of content is worth more than trying to perpetuate a separate brand. Another reason is that I am proud of the articles I’ve written over the years (especially about some, not so much about others), that I’m okay with putting my real name on them. This also enables my articles to find a completely new audience.

What will happen to Phazor’s Files?

The old website will redirect to the new blog for a while, before it will close for good. The social media channels will be closed after about a month of transitioning time, redirecting to this article for clarification.

On a personal note

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who read any of my posts and found my articles interesting and worthwhile. I’ve begun writing public gaming blog at the beginning of 2014 and I can’t believe it’s been already 5 years of Phazor’s Files. It's still an incredible exciting time to be a gamer, and I will never have nothing to say about what's going on in the world of games or the world they shape. So here's to the next five years.