The Shivah

“Why does a rabbi always answer with a question? – “Why not?”

The Shivah is a short and sweet point and click adventure in the style of old Lucas Arts games that puts you the shoes of a rabbi – a quite unconventional setting for a game.

You play as Russell Stone, a disgruntled rabbi leading a synagogue in New York. He receives news of the death of a former member of his flock that left him a lump sum of money, something that strikes Rabbi Stone as odd, given their past – so he starts to investigate.

Quick disclaimer: I don’t really know a lot about the Jewish religion and it’s culture. So I actually looked forward to learn a little bit about it in the form of an adventure game. The game doesn’t go too deep into it though, as it is quite short. None the less it offers genre-typical puzzles and – even better – choices that center around morality, sticking to your principles and showing a human side. The characters – best among them the main character – seem relatable and well established.

In the short time I spent with them I enjoyed the quality writing, surprisingly decent voice acting and great music. If you want a good adventure away from the typical settings like Monkey Island or Broken Sword then you should definitely give The Shivah a try.