Here's a video of some of gaming history's most iconic title screens

Video features the most iconic video game title screens of the last decades.

I am not only a fan of games, but also film and video and more specific title design. A good title design is more than just information – it is a prelude of whats to come, it puts you in a mood, in a mindset.

Art of the Title put together a small feature of video game titles that you have to see, featuring games from Donkey Kong, over Half-Life to The Last of Us. It not only shows iconic games and their titles but how far video games have come in terms of presentation and style. Sometimes imitating movies, sometimes going their own way. A celebration of the moment right before pressing start, enter or the A button. It also features great music by the ever-talented chiptune band Anamanaguchi.

A Brief History of Video Game Title Design

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