Eastshade is a Mini-Morrowind with no combat

Eastshade is a beautiful little indie game that came out in February 2019 and immediately enchanted me. As I explored the island I was immediately remembered of Morrowind and the sense of place it evokes.

After a couple of hours into the game, you stumble upon a Blacksmith - usually the quintessential vendor in every game with swords. Here’s where you go for a new blade, upgrades and the likes.

But not in a game that actually features no combat what-so-ever, let alone swords. Still, you can ask the blacksmith about swords as she has a strong opinion about that. You can see her reply in my video below:

I personally think this is not just fun dialogue, but a little jab from the developers: How combat and death in games can be boring to the player. Fighting is so ingrained as a gameplay mechanic in games that most of us never question it.

In Eastshade not only is the player not able to fight but also within the world there seems to be peace. This doesn’t make the game boring though, there’s plenty of other interesting characters to meet, puzzles to solve, places to explore and landscapes to paint. It’s nice to play a game that is creative enough to replace it with something else. I didn’t miss it for one second in my time in Eastshade.