Costume Quest

Double Fine’s solid game is a Halloween fairy tale about siblings, friends and candy.

It’s Halloween night and the twins Wren and Reynold are excited to go trick or treating in their neighbourhood. Not long after knocking on the first door one of them gets abducted by evil monsters and it’s up to the other sibling to rescue them.

In order to do so you need three things: Candy, that’s the general currency on Halloween night. Friends, because in time of need and desperation you always need friends, and of course costumes!

Each costume gives you a certain ability in battle and in the world itself to overcome certain obstacles to reach formerly unreachable areas. A classic mechanic that fits well into the Halloween scenario. Overall Costume Quest oozes charm and cuteness. The lighthearted story is entertaining and watching the witty kids react to their surroundings is just a blast.

The game doesn’t force you to grind and is never frustrating, though it’s also never particularly challenging. The quests themselves are the usual fetch, battle or collect jobs and there are no surprises or new inventions anywhere.

All in all a solid and heartwarming game that is fun to run through, but doesn’t reinvent – or invent anything new.