...but that was yesterday

A tiny game that connects to the players emotions without using a single word.

I thought long and hard if I should even review this game, so much could be said about it, but then I'd argue it might be much better playing it without knowing or reading anything about it at all. Yet I feel I have to mention it, since it was one of the games that made me start to think and write about the power of games and the interactive medium itself.

… but that was yesterday is a short metaphor life as a human. Learning from past experiences, overcoming barriers, letting regrets go. It uses its art, music but also the interactive media very cleverly to trigger feelings, some simple, some complex, and the more you open up to it, the deeper it stirs in your memories.

Offering different endings but always leaving the player touched, ...but that was yesterday offers a short but incredible deep experience that I certainly didn't expect but was even more suprised and delighted to find.

You can play but that was yesterday right here in your browser.

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