Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Starbreeze Studios is known for their gritty first person shooters like Riddick and The Darkness. Their recent title is something completely different: An indie-looking title in a colorful fantasy-setting with a unique control scheme.

Two brothers need to find a cure for their sick father, who is at the brink of death. Thais the basic premise, the game overall works without text or language, the characters talk but its a nonsensical language like in The Sims. Brothers doesn’t lack in depth though as the events are told with universally understandable gestures and events – “show – don’t tell” in its purest form.

You control both brothers simultaneously – brother A by the left control stick, brother B by the right one, with the triggers you interact with objects and that’s all you need. Controlling both at the same time can get your brain in a twist at times and reminds me of more puzzle-focused games, yet it is pretty intuitive and gives it  a unique feeling.

The puzzles and obstacles themselves are never that challenging though and could definitely be more difficult.

Leading the two siblings on their way to save their father you encounter all kinds of distractions – it starts out cutesy enough – throwing a ball with a little girl or catching bunnies, yet the encounters get darker and darker – slowly the game takes on a Tim Burton-like feel. This is definitely not a title for kids.

All in all Brothers has a clear vision, its art style, direction and story (and its resulting overall game length) seems focused and planned. It is a great little game, that is more than it gimmicky control scheme.