Are you a video game snob?

You don’t hate EA? You don’t teabag other players? Good news – you might be a snob!

In a recent thought piece, Chris Suellentrop of Kotaku UK writes about how his favorite movie critic tries to reclaim the word “snob”.

A snob is a person with taste (the “good” is implied when a snob says “taste”), someone who knows that some pleasures are better than others.

Suellentrop continues to write 10 more points that describe a true video game snob for him. These points touch the console-war / loyalty, or the love to hate certain publishers, and so on. Most of it sounds like common gaming sense or gaming etiquette to me, and I found myself agreeing to almost all of them. Though I still wouldn’t call myself a snob, maybe something like video game enthusiast or video game connoisseur.

The list is a good read for more mature behaviour for gamers and should be considered, but by putting it under the term snob, it opens up the points to ridicule. Don’t be a snob – or anything else. Just be cool.