Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space

A unique first person point-and-click adventure with pulp 50s-sci-fi aesthetics.

Albedo is a very unique game, made by mostly one guy it looks more like a typical sci-fi FPS, but do not be deceived: This game is full of classic point-and-click puzzles.

You take the role of a security guard in a science laboratory. A sudden explosion interrupts your nap and soon you find yourself in a forgotten part of the complex in a need to get out. The game has you pay close attention to your surroundings while you make your way through a weird laboratory.

While the focus is clearly on puzzles, you have to defend yourself against attacks by strange eyeball-creatures as well. The controls are a bit clunky and the user interface could use some more polish in general, but the puzzles are well thought-out and pretty clever, including some impressing physic puzzles. The amount of interaction with objects is impressive and makes you want to experiment with even mundane objects. This is often necessary if you want to succeed, as some obstacles are quite tricky to overcome.

The environment and graphics in general are very contrasty, sometimes too much for my tastes, but it gives the game a unique and recognizable style that clearly conveys the pulp sci-fi look from the 50s. A decent story makes up the sometimes unmotivated voice acting, but if you are looking for a short, unique and different game, Albedo definitely delivers.

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